Making Tedious Data Work Easy

Be more productive by offloading large and repetitive data work to our curated workforce. Start saving on in-house staff overhead costs by speaking to us today!-

What We Do

Tell us what your most resource intensive tasks are, whether it is data collection, recruiting on-demand workers, or sourcing sales leads, and we will come back with the most cost-efficient approach to get the job done. We will propose a mix of automated or semi-automated approach to solve your problem, and will leverage our N-Eagle to perform tasks that are too costly to automate.


N-Eagle recruits, selects, trains a global network of college-educated, passionate, and tech savvy millennials to perform your startup’s most resource intensive tasks. We match the right N-Eagle based on their skills and experience to your project needs.

Boost Productivity

Increase your productivity by giving it to N-Eagle. Stop handling menial tasks in-house.

Fantastic Value

We’ll help you save up to 75% on overhead cost. Hiring an in-house team for repetitive work can be expensive.

Quick & Easy Setup

No lengthy paperwork and months of information gathering. We’re ready to start as soon as you say “Go!”.